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Is it true that I can receive repayment of the excess rent within 48 hrs?

Yes. Once you have applied through our website, we will revert to you within 24 hrs.
If you are entitled to repayment of excess rent, we will disburse payment
within two days. A payment requires that you have submitted the documentation that we have requested. If we have not received any documents, we will still pursue the matter, but but we will hold off on disbursing your money. In such cases, payment is made after the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal has decided in your favor, or as soon as you have submitted documentation.

Why should I apply through Orimlig Hyra? Surely, I can pursue that matter myself or through the Tenants Association?

Yes, as with all types of legal procedures you can pursue the matter yourself or through another representative. The advantage of applying through Orimlig Hyra is that you receive a guaranteed repayment since you keep your money regardless of whether Orimlig Hyra wins or not in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal. Another advantage is that thanks to our lawyers’ many years of experience we pay out on average 20% more than when a private person applies by themselves. In addition, you do not have to wait up to two years for a decision from the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal – you can instead drop the case and let us do the work. Also, you do not have to chase the counterparty for money after a possible win.

How much do your services cost?

It does not cost anything to use our services. We pay a certain amount to purchase your claim. This means that we repay your excess rent within 48 hrs and then pursue the matter on our own without involving you as a customer. If you apply for repayment through Orimlig Hyra you receive on average 20% more money back than if you were to pursue the matter on your own. Regardless of whether Orimlig Hyra "wins" in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal or not,you as a customer keep your repayment.

Why is Mobile BankID used?

We use BankID for your security and ours. With the help of BankID we can prove your identity identity and ensure that we pay out monies to the right person. In the application ,BankID is not used to retrieve anything, rather we merely receive a signature on a document. A signature with BankID does not give us access to your bank or likewise.

Apply for repayment

How do I apply for repayment?

We receive your application through our web form and ensure that your information is correct and that a claim can be directed toward your landlord. In the web form, you sign an engagement letter and a transfer agreement through BankID.
Orimlig Hyra then pays out an amount to you and pursues the matter. In order to make the service as smooth as possible, the procedure takes place without you being involved. As soon as you have received your money you do not need to do anything more in the matter.

How long does it take to apply?

To fill out the application form takes about 10 min.

When and how will my refund be paid?

Once we have received all the requested documentation the monies will be transferred to your bank account within two days.

What information do you need to make a repayment?

We need information about you, the person you are/have renting/rented from, as well as the address and rental fee. We also need the size and if you have rented the entire unit or a room.

How long after moving out of my sublet housing can I apply for a refund?

To be eligible for repayment of excess rent, you need to apply within threemonths of moving out.

What documents do you need to make a repayment?
We repay you an amount as soon as you have submitted the requested documentation.
The requested documentation consists of the following:
1. Documentation showing that you have paid rent consistently every month. This could be screenshots of bank transfers and/or Swish payments.
2. Something showing what your landlord pays in rent. You can do this by:
  a) Submitting the landlord’s lease agreement
  b) Submitting a statement or an email from The Tenant’s Association that shows the rent amount.
  c) Submitting a statement or an email from the association showing the rent
amount. A telephone number to the association is usually posted in the hallway. The association is obligated to provide leasing information.
  d) Submitting other documentation that can prove what your landlord pays in rent. It is usually okay to just ask neighbors what they pay.
3. Something that proves that you have actually rented the unit. You can show this by submitting the sublease agreement or other document showing that you have actually rented the particular unit. It is usually okay with a Facebook or SMS conversation which shows or implies that you have rented the unit in question.
I do not know what my landlord pays in rent. Where can I find that information?

You can retrieve that information in several ways, eitherin the landlord’s lease agreement or in a payment advice.

If you do not have access to the lease agreement or a payment advice, you can aska neighbor with a similar unit what they pay in rent.Or you can ask The Tenant’s Association, alternatively the main landlord/association/property owner. The main landlord is required by law to disclose this information.

If you are unable to find out what your landlord is paying you may fill in the amount SEK 1111 in the field “your landlord’s rent” in the application. Our lawyers will do theirbest to help you find out the amount.

Should I wait until after moving out before applying for repayment?

Waiting to apply until after you have moved out can be a good way to avoid conflict with the main tenant. But if you wait too long you could possibly lose a part of your repayment right.

Keep in mind that you can only get back excess rent up to two years back counting from the day you apply. For every day you wait you lose one day’s refund.

If you still live in the unit you can apply for repayment today but hold off on claiming the money back.

We can finalize the matter but hold off on making the payment. We also wait on claiming the money back for the excess rent from your landlord to avoid creating an uncomfortable situation foryou while you live in the unit.
Example: If you move out on January 1 but apply for repayment on January 10 you are only entitled to repayment for 23 months and 21 days.If you apply on January 1, you are entitled to repayment for 24 months.

Who can receive repayment?

How do I know if I am paying excess rent?

You find out by comparing your rent against what the maintenant pays in rent including any surcharges for utilities such as electricity and internet.

Click hereto find out if you have paid excess rent.

Can I receive repayment even if I have rented “under the table”?

Yes. Yes. Anyone who rents “under the table” has the same right to claim back excess rent. The fact that The fact that the main tenant has leased their apartment without permission is a matter between them and the landlord – it has nothing to do with you as a subtenant. No part of our service involves the landlord or the board unless you want to. No part of our service involves the landlord or or the board unless you want to.

Can I receive repayment if I rent a room?

Yes. Anyone who rents a room has the same right to claim back excess rent.

Can I receive help from Orimlig Hyra even though I do not have a written lease agreement?

Yes, that is fine! There is no form prescribed by law regarding lease agreements. It is therefore possible to use other documents or evidence to prove a lease agreement.

Anything can be used. For example, bank transfers can prove that a payment has been made but not necessarily what you have paid for. If you can combine bank transfers with, for example, a FaceBook or SMS conversation this will suffice.

How large must the excess rent be in order for me to apply for repayment?

We take on every claim unless it is a frivolous one. Even if you have only paid a total of SEK 1000 in excess rent you can get money back. Contact us if you are unsure!

I have rented a condominium and paid excess rent; can I get a repayment?
If you rent a condominium or a house, you have no legal right to receive repayment for excess rent. The legislation differs between condominiums/houses and rental apartments.
If you live in a condominium/house you can only apply to reduce your future rent. However, this, unfortunately, entails a large risk for the subtenant to be given notice and forced to move within four months.

If you have sublet from a company or if the person you are renting from sublets to several people at the same time you may be entitled to repayment. Contact us at kontakt@orimlighyra.se and describe your matter and we will investigate it.

Your rights as a tenant

How much money can I get back?

You can easily calculate by clicking here!

How long back in time can I get repayment for?

You can receive money back for up to 24 months counting from the day you submit your application.

What is a reasonable rent?

Reasonable rent for an apartment that is sublet is the same as the rent paid by the main tenant. Thus, it is not allowed to make any profit whatsoever from subletting one’s apartment.

If furniture is included in the rent, a surcharge of 10-15% may be made. In addition, costs for electricity, internet, water, and parking may be added. Costs for home insurance may not be added to the rent.

What is excess rent?

Excess rent means a rent that is too high – an unreasonable rent. The The legal term for this excess rent.

The rule of thumb is that an unreasonable rent is a rent that is higher than the main rent. for the same apartment. You can calculate if you pay an excess rent by using our rent calculator on the homepage.

I have signed a lease agreement with excess rent. Is it a breach of contract to claim the money back?

No. Agreements that are contrary to the law (in this case the Swedish Tenancy Act) are not valid and you have therefore not committed a breach of contract.

I still live in my sublet apartment. Can I get my future rent reduced?
Yes. The rent that is deemed reasonable can be affirmed in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal and shall then apply going forward.
What do I do if my landlord does not want to repay the deposit?

You can send a demand letter to your previous landlord. If the landlord still refuses to pay, the landlord has committed a breach of contract.

In order for you to then receive your money back, the debt must be affirmed, meaning that you receive formal proof that the debt exists This can be attained by either commencing an action against the landlord before the district court or by applying for a payment order with the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

When the debt has been affirmed either by judgment or decision on an order for payment, you can receive help from the Swedish Enforcement Authority to recover the debt for a fee. This fee is ultimately paid by the landlord.

What applies to me as a landlord?

I want to sublease my rental unit. What should I keep in mind?

If you want to sublease your rental unit, it is important to receive approval from the landlord. In most instances, you must present a significant reason for renting out the unit and the rental fee shall also be reasonable. Reasonable rent Reasonable rent means that the subtenant shall pay the same rent as the main tenant. There is room for a minor add-on if the unit is leased furnished.

Read more here (länk till “För dig som vill hyra ut”)

I have received a demand letter regarding repayment of excess rent. What do I do now?

To avoid a court procedure, complete your repayment accordingto the payment instructions in the demand letter.

As soon as you have repaid the excess rent, the claim will be withdrawn immediatelywithout any court involvement. By repaying, you avoid a court decision and that the matter becomes public in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal.

The Benefits of paying right away

• You have the possibility to pay in installments
You do not have to pay interest in accordance with Sections 2 and 5 of the Swedish Interest Act
There will be no public court decision

Read more here (länk till “Har du fått ett kravbrev?”)

About Orimlig Hyra

What does Orimlig Hyra do?

Orimlig Hyra is a company that, through automated digital processes, helps subtenants get money back for their excess rent.

Orimlig Hyra does this by in advance paying a claim value to the subtenant for the excess rent they have paid. Orimlig Hyra then pursues that matter (completely without involving the applicant) and retains anyprofit.

How do you profit from this service?

Our service entails that we pre-purchase your claim regarding repayment of excess rent o a slightly lower value than what we believe we can “gain” in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal. If we you keep your repayment, and if we win, we retain the amount that exceeds the payment we have made to you. We do this to cover the costs we have regarding legal work, floating money for up to two years and the financial risk we take when we pay you in advance.

By pursuing many matters we spread the risks, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Overall, we make a 20 % profit, and the great thing is that thanks to our lawyer’s many years of experience and expertise, you as a customer receive on average a 20% higher repayment than if you as a private person would apply yourself. It's a win-win!

Orimlig Hyra – mentions in press and media
Orimlig Hyra is a Swedish law firm with educated and experienced personnel. We have been mentioned in several major Swedish magazinesand have many previous clients that can vouch for us.

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We are sorry! Start by testing another web browser. If the error remains, send us an email to kontakt@orimlighyra.se or call us at 08 68 422 133 and we will helpyou!

I have another question. How can I contact you?

For us to give you the best service possible, please contact our customer support at 08 68 422 133 for personal service. You can also send us an email to kontakt@orimlighyra.seor use our chat service to the right.

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