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General terms & conditions


Orimlig Hyra AB operates by independently acquiring refund claims[1] from its customers at its own risk. The acquisition is made through a preliminary agreement for transfer, where the Tenant commits to transferring their refund claim at a later date in exchange for an advance payment. As our customer, you receive the overcharge refunded directly by us, and we handle the dispute on your behalf. All communication with the rent tribunal, as well as the handling of the case, takes place without your involvement. Regardless of the outcome of the case, your refund is not affected.

We have written these general terms to provide you with a better understanding of what we undertake to do and what we expect from you. We have designed these general terms to be as easy to comprehend as possible, and therefore, we have written them in the "I-form." They should be read as if you are the "I" and confirm that you agree with each statement. Our hope is that you feel confident about what we offer and what we expect in return.

[1] The claim that arises concerning the portion of the rent that has been unreasonable.


1.     I understand that:

  • By filling out and submitting the form on the Orimlig Hyra website, I am making an offer to Orimlig Hyra to enter into an agreement to purchase my refund claim.

  • The email I receive from Orimlig Hyra confirming receipt of the form, and/or requesting additional information, does not constitute an acceptance of my offer.

  • It is only when Orimlig Hyra notifies me in writing that they will pay out money to me or otherwise proceed with my case that we enter into an agreement.

  • Orimlig Hyra reserves the right to contact my landlord to attempt to settle the matter instead of involving authorities.

  • If Orimlig Hyra offers a different amount than stated in the application form, I should either accept or decline the amount. If I choose to decline, I must notify Orimlig Hyra via email within two (2) days. If I do not leave such a message within the specified time, I am considered to have accepted the amount Orimlig Hyra offered.


2.     I promise that:

  • The information I have provided to Orimlig Hyra, to the best of my knowledge, is true.
  • I am not withholding any information from Orimlig Hyra that is needed to assess my case, to the best of my knowledge.
  • There is currently no dispute between me and my landlord regarding the same matter.
  • I will not engage another representative regarding the same matter after Orimlig Hyra has purchased/taken over my claim.


3.     I understand that the agreement between myself and Orimlig Hyra is in effect until my matter is concluded:

- Unless Orimlig Hyra chooses to terminate the agreement before then. Orimlig Hyra has the right to terminate the agreement before my case is concluded, among other reasons but not exclusively if:

§ Orimlig Hyra, after the case has started, assesses that the chances of getting a refund are too small or that the costs of recovering the refund are too high.

§ I breach what I promised according to these general terms.

Unforeseen circumstances arise that make the work practically impossible.


4.     I also understand that Orimlig Hyra:

  • Processes my personal information in accordance with their privacy policy.
  • Has the right to change these general terms at any time.


5.    I understand that Swedish law applies to the interpretation and application of these general terms. If Orimlig Hyra and I disagree on how these general terms should be interpreted and applied, the dispute will be resolved by a Swedish court.

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