Free of charge, quick, and risk-free.

It takes 10 min to apply for repayment. After that, your part in the procedure is done and Orimlig Hyra takes over the entire process.

Tenants get back on average 16 800 SEK back via us compared to
14 000 SEK which they would have received back via the tenancy board.

  • Refund within 48 hours
  • No long legal process in the rental board



This is how it works


Apply for repayment

Calculate how much you can get repaid and submit your information.


Response within 24 hrs

We review your application and revert to you within 24 hrs.


Repayment within 48 hrs

Once the application has been approved you will receive the repayment within two business days.

Calculate your repayment and apply

Contact us at

08-684 221 33

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