Do you rent second hand and pay too much? We pay the excess amount back to you!
It applies even if you are a lodger or if you rent in "black".



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You need to put more time towards attaching the documents we require

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Wait up to a year

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Dispute with your host

Potential court fees

Via Hyregästföreningen
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Free counseling for members (Hyresgästföreningen)

High fees (other Law Firm)

No legal trouble

Better chance for your money back

Application time over a year

Dispute with your host

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Many of us have been in this very situation, for instance when moving to a new city for studies or for work. There are no available apartments! This is exploited by many hosts who sublet an apartment they don't even own, often at egregious prices. Apartments, subsidized by the government, are sublet at an excessive rent. Claiming excessive rent is not only immoral but actually against the law, because the host subletting is making a profit from taxpayers' subsidy money. And you, the lodger or tenant is the one, in the end, paying egregious rent.

Despite it being against the law, more than 96% of Stockholms apartments on the second hand market are marked at substantially excessive rent. In the other large cities, the situation is similar.

We give you a another opportunity. You can sell the right to your claim for money back, to us. You are then guaranteed a payout from us. You can leave the legal technicalities, the waiting times and the uncertainty behind.

When someone rents you an apartment second hand, there are rules determining how high the second hand rent can be. The rules are imperative, that is, they cannot be negotiated away. This is because, in Sweden, as an individual, must not rent out second hand for profit. According to the law, the second hand rent must reasonable.

If you believe you have paid an excessive amount of rent for a second hand contract, you can report this to us. According to the practice by the Regional rent and tenancies tribunals you must not charge more for rent than what you pay yourself. Because of this rule, it's important you get in touch with us as soon as you can - three months after you moved out, at the very latest!

If you rented second hand from a condo or from a house owner, you can adjust future rent, but you cannot retroactively get any excess rent back. So don't delay - send your application to us.

Also you renting with a "black" contract are entitled to get your excess rent back. Exactly the same rules apply for you as well for someone renting "white". No part of the process involves the landlord or the Board, unless you want to. It is not illegal to rent with a "black" contract second hand. The landlord or the Board will not be informed that we paid your excess rent back to you.

Also you as a lodger (living in someone elses home) are entitled to get your excess rent back. For you, the same rules apply as for someone who rented a full apartment.

Companies and businesses can reclaim their excess rent the same way people can. The same sets of rule applies for legal persons and natural persons. Almost all companies pay more than they should. We help them get their money back.