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Do you rent from a rental company?

We assist private individuals and companies renting from rental companies to get reduced rent, first-hand contracts, and money back for overpayment

Free to apply!

Money back

You are entitled to a refund of money from your rent - up to 24 months back

Reduced rent immediately

We help you get a reduced rent the same month you apply – completely free of charge

You get a first-hand contract

According to Swedish law, you have basically the same rights as a first-hand tenant and can stay as long as you want - regardless of what your contract says

You may have the legal right to reclaim tens of thousands of kronor from your rental company

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to rent apartments from property owners with the purpose of illegally leasing them to individuals at excessively high rents.

For many, it is unfamiliar that companies can sublet. However, it is more common than one might think. These companies are referred to in several different ways, such as rental companies, brokerage companies, intermediaries, or front rentals. The concept has also been called hotelification. This way of renting is often much more expensive and insecure in several ways for the subtenant. Since the rental company rents the apartment from a property owner and then sublets it to an individual, it is considered a sublease (see the graphic below).

property owner rental company

Orimlig Hyra has helped thousands of individuals and companies

We have helped thousands of individuals by refunding the portion of the rent that exceeds a reasonable level (known as excessive rent). Orimlig Hyra is the leading company in Sweden in this field and has assisted thousands of individuals and companies in asserting their rights against rental companies.

As a tenant, it can be difficult for you to know if you are renting from a rental company and if you are paying too much in rent. That's why we at Orimlig Hyra are more than happy to help and inform you.

We can help you with:

  • Obtaining a refund of excessive rent for up to two years in retrospect
  • Lowering your monthly rent to a reasonable level
  • Staying in your housing for as long as you want
  • Converting your sublease agreement to a primary lease agreement

You can receive a refund if you are still living in the residence or if it has been less than three months since you moved out. Fill out the application form below to find out how much money you are entitled to receive!

Apply via our website

Apply directly on our website by filling in the details in the application form

Contact us

Contact us via chat, email or phone and we will answer your questions

Visit our office

Come to our office at Lilla Nygatan 14 in Gamla Stan in Stockholm and we will assist you with your application

Kristina received 61,000 SEK back from her rental company

Kristina applied to Orimlig Hyra after realizing that she was paying too much rent to a rental agency. Here she tells about the process and how she was able to get 61,000 SEK back, a reduced rent, and the opportunity to stay in the apartment longer than stated in the contract.

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Example of rental companies

Is your landlord not listed? Contact us.

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AB Beautiful Apartments in Nacka
AB Bostad Direkt Stockholm AB
Aeternum Holding AB
Business Home Corporate Apartments
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City Living Stockholm AB
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How we helped over 100 subtenants in the same building to get primary contracts and money back for excessive rent

In a situation where it was discovered that all subtenants in a building were being terminated, Orimlig Hyra helped them instead to get primary contracts with reduced rents and money back for previous months of excessive rent.

In October 2023, it came to our attention that tenants at a specific address were paying excessively high subrents to a rental company. Around the same time, news broke that the rental company's contract had been terminated, which in turn resulted in all subtenants being terminated as well. We at Orimlig Hyra decided to go there and inform the subtenants about their rights and alternatives.

A ruling by the Supreme Court in 2022 determined that tenants (both individuals and companies) who rent apartments from rental companies have the same rights as primary tenants. Therefore, we knew that the tenants were in a situation where they not only had the right to disregard the termination, but also the right to continue living there with essentially the same rights as a primary tenant - the right to a lower rent and the right to receive money back for previous months of excessive rent.

Our solution

We offered the subtenants the opportunity to temporarily pay a reasonable rent (where we covered the difference) instead of continuing to pay the excessive rent demanded by a newly appointed rental company. This prompted a response from the property owner, who chose to enter into discussions with us. Through this dialogue, over 100 subtenants were offered primary contracts and reduced rents. Additionally, the tenants received tens of thousands of kronor in reimbursement for previous excessive rent!

Information about your rights when renting from a rental company

Money within 48 h

Calculate your repayment and apply

Frequently Asked Questions

What is excess rent?

Excess rent means a rent that is too high – an unreasonable rent. The legal term for this is excess rent.

The rule of thumb is that an unreasonable rent is a rent that is higher than the main rent for the same apartment. You can calculate if you pay an excess rent by using our rent calculator on the homepage.

How do I apply for repayment of excess rent?

We receive your application through our web form and ensure that your information is correct and that a claim can be directed toward your landlord. In the web form, you sign an engagement letter and a transfer agreement through BankID.

Orimlig Hyra then pays out an amount to you and pursues the matter. In order to make the service as smooth as possible, the procedure takes place without you being involved. As soon as you have received your money you do not need to do anything more in the matter.

I still live in my sublet apartment. Can I get my future rent reduced?

Yes. The rent that is deemed reasonable can be affirmed in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal and shall then apply going forward.

Questions or concerns?

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