With a Competent Team
We Offer Repayment of Excess Rent

The Company

Orimlighyra is a Swedish law firm helping (second hand) tenants get their excess rent paid back. The company comprises competent coworkers on a mission to help you renting second hand. (Subletting.) We believe this in the long run will help create a better housing situation, especially in the major cities.

The idea was born when I together with a friend studied Real Estate Law at the Real Estate Agent program in university. Already then I had taken an interest in the housing market and noted the problematic development. What I learned when I studied Law, that there is a potent tool against excess rent. According to the law, it is not allowed to charge an excessive rent, and if it is done anyway, the person renting (subletting) can get the money back retrospectively. Later, I would experience a late flight, and a web based company helping me out, informing me about my rights and finally helping me get compensation for the late flight. I didn’t have to do anything! Here I realized immediately that the model used by these delayed flight companies would be perfect for taking back excess rent. This lead to me, together with the rest of the team, founding OrimligHyra.se

— Rreze Dautaj


Our Services

We help our clients in their fight against excess rent.

Newsflash! We are the only ones to offer a fast and risk free repayment of your excess rent. This means that you do not have to wait for up to a year on a court verdict, furthermore you are paid regardless of whether we lose or win in court. You don’t have to interact with the person you rented from. For this option to work, you need to present to us evidence what the person you rented from pays in turn as their rent. This, you can do in several ways.

Furthermore, it is completely cost free for our visitors to calculate how large their excess rent paid is.

If it suits you better, we can represent you for a provision of 20%. Our legal team do their very best to win but if they lose, our service is free — they succeed in over 95% of the cases.

Team mate

Meet the people who do amazing things


Core Team

Rreze Dautaj


Malou Grönlund


Alva Philblad



Two competent lawyer brothers who between them have three Bachelors and five Masters of Law.

Ylli Dautaj

Dispute and Settlement

Alban Dautaj

Co-founder, jurist

Tech and Economics Persons Behind the Scenes

Experience from several startup companies

Jakob Eriksson


Rawaz Rashid

Personal and economics