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We’ll do a preliminary assessment of your case within two days. We will then contact you. 


We pursue you legal claim for free

Upon the assessment of probable excessive rent we will initiate, pursue and manage your legal claim. You don’t have to worry about complicated bureaucratic administration, comprehensive legal procedures, nor the law itself.


Recover your excessive rent

We’ll reclaim your previously paid rent which has been in excess. If we are successful in reclaiming the amount due we receive 20% incl. VAT of the excessive rent repayment. If we save rent costs for future months, we’ll retain the last months excessive rent for our services. Our service is free if we are not successful!

”I don’t have a choice, I must live somewhere”. 

Many of us have been in an identical scenario, typically when moving to a new city. Many landlords, regrettably, take advantage of the housing shortage and impose an unreasonable rent on tenants. Besides the immoral aspect, it is also opposite to Swedish law. Despite that, 96% of Stockholms privately advertised apartments demand excessive and unreasonable rent. In most other cities in Sweden, the situation is similar.


We provide you with a choice. You can choose to take back the excessive part of your rent and/or pay less for future months. Forget expensive legal firms with high hourly fees that you will have to pay regardless of the outcome. We will spend all the time the legal process demands without any extra fees. If we would be unsuccessful in reclaiming the excessive rent paid or lowering future rents, you pay nothing!

You can register your rent regardless of whether you rent the whole apartment or only a part of it. Is does not matter if your flatmate shares a contact with you or if you have separate ones. You can even register your rent if your landlord is renting out the apartment without proper permission ( either lacking the permission of their own landlord or a housing cooperative). The process is between you and you landlord only, no other parties needs to be informed if you do not wish it to happen. Even if they were to be informed, renting without permission is not illegal in any way, you could however be given notice to move as your landlord might be in breach of a contract with their own landlord.


Your Rights under Swedish Law


Your landlord either rents the apartment him/herself or owns it through a private housing cooperative (“bostadsrätt”). The former pay rent just like you whilst the latter pay a special fee. Notwithstanding, both arrangements carry with them obligatory legal limits for how much your landlord is allowed to charge you each month. This is irregardless of how your agreement may be framed. To sum it up, a private person is not allowed to rent for monetary gain. Even though the rent by law has to be reasonable, landlords often charge substantially more as tenants ”have their hands tied” in the contemporary housing market.


If your landlord, him- or herself, rent the apartment and you feel that you have paid – or are indeed paying – an unreasonably high rent, let us know. If we then are successful in the ensuing legal procedure we will recover the excess rent from the day the claim is filed and a full year backwards. That’s right, we can retroactively recover the excess rent (with a maximum of 12 months) that is higher than the level deemed reasonable by the court. If you are still renting the apartment, your future rent will be lowered to the same amount. As such, it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible – at the latest 3 months after the expiration of your contract or you moving out.

If your landlord instead owns the apartment, we cannot recover your rent for past months. Instead, we can lower your future rent to a reasonable amount, starting from the date we file your claim. We will lower your rent for a fixed fee if we succeed. If we were to be unsuccessful, our service is free of charge.

 Contact us if you appreciate: 

Free of Charge

We take no charges to start and initiate a procedure in your name as representatives of your case. If your landlord rents the apartment him/herself, we’ll retrieve the excessive rent you have paid in the past for a commission of 20% incl.VAT. If we also/instead save rent cost for future months, we will retain the last months excessive rent for our services.If your landlord owns the apartment we will lower your rent for a fixed one-time fee.

Our services are completely free of charge if we fail in lowering your rent, no matter the length of the judicial process. 

High Success Rates

We win approx. 92% of our initiated cases. All our co-workers have at least one law degree and extensive experience within property law and conveyancing – we know what we are doing! Moreover, we don’t quit easily. There are no extra fees if we decide to appeal against a decision we believe to be wrong!

Simplicity and Time-Efficiency

There are more enjoyable things to do with your time than spend it on reading legislation, preparatory work and case law. 

We do all the complicated legal work so that you can focus on other things.  With help of a power of attorney we will pursue the whole case by ourselves whilst keeping you updated in the process.  

Client Satisfaction

We care about you and your case. We employ no hidden fees, outline commissions clearly and showcase all prices with VAT included.

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By pressing submit you confirm that you have read,understood and agree with Orimlighyras terms and conditions. You confirm that you have read part 3 about your obligations especially carefully. Through the terms you, among other things, confirm that Byrån, or whomever Byrån employs, are allowed to manage the personal data you provide in order to pursue your legal claim,regarding the lowering of your rent, in front of all relevant governmental instances, in accordance with Personuppgiftslagen(1998:204).

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Who Are We? 

Orimlighyra.se belongs to and is a part of the legal firm ”Byrån Dautaj & Dautaj”, which is a full-service firm with a firm focus on client satisfaction. The coworkers responsible for property law are: 

Ylli Dautaj

Ylli has a Law degree (LL.M.) from University College Cork and two Masters of Law from Uppsala University as well as Örebro University. Ylli has previously studied in Turkey; written a field study in Kosovo; worked with contract proposals and as a Journalist in Stockholm; been an editor for a legal paper; and worked for two law firms. Ylli is currently pursuing a master of Law at Penn State University.

Alban Dautaj


Alban has a LL.M. Candidate from Stockholm University and is currently pursuing a master of Law at Penn State University. Alban has considerable experience of legal proceedings as well as multiple legal disciplines including; sport law and athlete representation; private arbitration; and commercial law.

Daniel Parolin


Daniel has a Law degree from Stockholm University with previous studies at Hawaii Pacific University (Diplomacy and Military Studies). Daniel has previously worked as in-house legal counsel at multiple startups, and has extensive experience of; IT-law and digital applications; commercial law, focused on import/export; and international trademarking.