96% of tenants are paying way too much rent for their second-hand rentals. 

Due to the housing crisis in Sweden, tenants are forced to lease apartments for an illegally high fee. That's money that goes straight into landlord's pockets. 

According to Swedish Law, leasing out apartments to excess rent is illegal.

If you have been paying rent that is higher than the actual fee for the apartment you have a legal right to reclaim your money. You can still get your rent refunded even if you're not a Swedish citizen. 

That is why we founded Orimlig Hyra. Since 2017, we have fought to help you get your money back. We have helped over 300 people get back money that is rightfully theirs.

Up to March 2022, we reimbursed more than 800 000 SEK to second-hand tenants who had paid too much rent.

Know someone who's leasing and paying too much? Let them know!

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Meet Vasja, one of our clients who applied for a refund and got her money back within 48 hours.

The process


Calculate the refund amount

First, calculate the refund amount by submitting the fee you're paying and the actual rent for the apartment.


Response within 24 hours

We review your application and get back to you within 24 hours if we need additional information.


Refund within 48 hours

When the application is complete we'll refund your money to you within two days of submitting the application.

What our customers have to say