Do you rent second hand and pay too much? We pay the excess amount back to you!

It applies even if you are a lodger or if you rent in "black".

How does it work?

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1. Fill in the form

2. Sign with BankID

3. Receive the money

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Happy Customers

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Your Alternatives

Via OrimligHyra.se

  • No cost
  • Guaranteed Money
  • Money back immediately
  • Time saving for you
  • No legal trouble
  • You don't have to go to the Hyresnämnd
  • You need to put more time towards attaching the documents we require

You do the work

  • No cost
  • Wait up to a year
  • Risk of losing
  • You do the legal work
  • Dispute with your host
  • Potential court fees

Via Hyregästföreningen or
or via lawyer

  • Free counseling for members (Hyresgästföreningen)
  • High fees (other Law Firm)
  • No legal trouble
  • Better chance for your money back
  • Application time over a year
  • Dispute with your host
  • Potential court fees

Your Rights

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