Are you about to sublease, or are you already subleasing? Know your rights!

Just because you are not the person indicated on the lease does not mean that you can be charged money left and right. A minor surcharge may be added if the unit is leased furnished, to cover wear and tear on e.g., furniture and utilities/equipment

This assures that sublessors have legal rights and that a landlord is not allowed to tack on rent beyond reasonableness.

The Rent tribunal generally allows a surcharge of approximately 5-10% - even up to 15% is possible if the unit is fully furnished. If electricity, water, and broadband are included, a surcharge for such costs may be added, however, it may not exceed the costs the main tenant pays.

The bad news: If your rent exceeds the above percentage, you have been subjected to excess rent. The market can be tough for those who sublease making many willing to pay an excessive amount for rent.

The good news: You have a right to claim back your excess rent!

Contact us if you want to help to put a stop to the unreasonableness.

Du som andrahandshyresgäst har rätt till samma hyra som förstahandshyresgästen.