For those who want to sublet

Read about what applies if you wish to sublet your apartment.


Read more about what applies if you sublease an apartment.

Rules for subletting and subleasing a room

Read about what applies if you wish to sublet a room or sublease a room.

The Tenancy Act from 2019

In 2019, the rules for subletting were reinforced. Anyone who sublets their rental apartment without the main tenant’s or the Rent tribunal’s permission runs the risk of getting evicted.

Previously one received a warning and a chance to rectify the issue. Now, unauthorized subletting is a legitimate reason for immediate termination of the lease according to the Tenancy Act.

However, exceptions can be made if the main tenant has a valid reason. If not, the landlord has a right to evict the main tenant within six months counting from the day the landlord gained knowledge of the unauthorized letting.

So, you should not have to peep through the peephole every time you hear footsteps in the hallway. According to the Tenancy Act, if you sublease you should feel safe about being known to the other tenants.

You have a right to pay a reasonable rent.

Anyone who has paid an excess rent may be entitled to repayment and receive a reduced rent going forward.

This is one thing the Tenancy Act distinctly reinforced. Since 2019, retroactive repayment may be applicable on rents dating up to two years back in time.

In order to assure your rights according to the Tenancy Law, it is necessary that you know what those rights consist of. That is why we are here! We strive to get rid of unreasonable rents and help you reclaim your excess rent.

Sedan 2019 kan retroaktiv återbetalning bli aktuellt för hyror upp till två år tillbaka i tiden.