Our Prices and Services

OrimligHyra.se offers various means of reimbursement. Two for you who live in a rental apartment, and one for you who live in a condo or house/villa. We have created this model so you will always know exactly how much you get and how much we keep as commission.

Alternative 1
We buy your claim outright

We offer a unique solution - we offer to buy your claim outright at market value. For this you need to demonstrate what your host pay in rent themselves. This you can show in various ways. Your claim becomes ours. This comes with many benefits:

No cost

Guaranteed Money

Money back immediately

Time savings for you

No legal troubles

You don't have to go the Hyresnämnd

We pay court fees, should it come to that

You need to put more time towards attaching the documents we require

Alternative 2
We represent you

We offer to represent you - we do this for a commision of 20%. Our legal team do their best to win and if they fail the service is for free - they succeed more than 95% of the time.

20% commission

You collect interest on the payback for the time you wait

No legal troubles

Increased likelyhood for success

We pay court fees, should it come to that

Quick application

Slow court processing

Risk of losing

Condo or house

We take a fixed fee of 3000 SEK - only if we win