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Do you live in a second-hand rental?
Get your excess rent back with Orimlig Hyra.

We pay your money back directly! According to Swedish law, you are entitled to your money back if your rent is overpriced.

Apply within three months after you move out!

Apply for repayment

This is how it works

Orimlig Hyra offers a simple and quick solution to get money back if you have paid too much rent as a subtenant. We buy the right to pursue your case and you can get back money to which you are legally entitled. This is what the process looks like.

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Apply for repayment

Apply by answering a few simple questions about your housing situation and attaching the lease and rent payments.

Orimlig Hyra - En kvinna på en buss kollar på sin mobiltelefon

Feedback within 24 hours

We will review your application and get back to you if you are eligible for a refund within 24 hours.

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Refund within 48 h

After an approved application, you will receive the money within 48 hours. You are now done with the process and keep your money regardless of the outcome of the rent tribunal (Hyresnämnden)!

9 out of 10 second-hand rentals are illegally overpriced.

Due to the housing crisis in Sweden, tenants are forced to lease apartments for an illegally high fee. That's money that goes straight into landlord's pockets.

According to Swedish Law, leasing out apartments to excess rent is illegal.

If you have been paying rent that is higher than the actual fee for the apartment you have a legal right to reclaim your money.
You can still get your rent refunded even if you're not a Swedish citizen.

That is why we founded Orimlig Hyra. Since 2017, we have fought to help you get your money back. We have helped over 300 people get back money that is rightfully theirs.

In 2022, we reimbursed more than 4 000 000 SEK to second-hand tenants who had paid too much rent.

Fönster med hissgardin i lägenhet med vita väggar

What does the Swedish Tenancy Act say?

  • The sublet rent cannot exceed the primary rent. Additional charges for furniture (5-15%) and other utilities such as electricity, internet, and TV are allowed.
  • You can be refunded for excessive rent for up to two years in retrospect.
  • You are entitled to a refund if you have rented a sublet and it has been less than three months since you moved out.
  • The right to a refund also applies to those who have signed a rental contract and/or rented accommodation without a formal agreement.

What are our users saying?

Very happy! Fast help, nice manager, serious and easy process. Got the money just a few days after they had approved my case. Would not have been able to go through this process without Orimlig Hyra. Thanks so much for your help!!

Zanna J

Quick and easy. Submitted the application on a Tuesday and received money on Thursday. Incredibly helpful and really quick to answer any questions I had. If you have reason to claim back excess rent, I highly recommend this service!


Listen to one of our users' experience with Orimlig Hyra

Say hi to one of our clients who got her money back after paying too much rent. It is illegal to pay a higher rent for a second-hand contract than what the landlord is paying himself. According to Swedish law, tenants can reclaim that money back.

Calculate how much you are entitled to

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Vanliga frågor

What does Orimlig Hyra do?

Orimlig Hyra is a swedish company that, through automated digital processes, helps subtenants get money back for their excess rent.

Orimlig Hyra does this by in advance paying a claim value to the subtenant for the excess rent they've paid. Orimlig Hyra then pursues that matter (completely without involving the applicant) and retains any profit.

What is excess rent?

Excess rent means a rent that is too high – an unreasonable rent. The legal term for this is excess rent.

The rule of thumb is that an unreasonable rent is a rent that is higher than the main rent for the same apartment. You can calculate if you pay an excess rent by using our rent calculator on the homepage.

How do I know if I’m paying excess rent?

You find out by comparing your rent against what the main tenant pays in rent including any surcharges for utilities such as electricity and internet.

Click hereto find out if you've paid excess rent.

How do I apply for repayment of excess rent?

We receive your application through our web form and ensure that your information is correct and that a claim can be directed toward your landlord. In the web form, you sign an engagement letter and a transfer agreement through BankID.

Orimlig Hyra then pays out an amount to you and pursues the matter. In order to make the service as smooth as possible, the procedure takes place without you being involved. As soon as you have received your money you do not need to do anything more in the matter.

How much do your services cost?

It does not cost anything to use our services. We pay a certain amount to purchase your claim. This means that we repay your excess rent within 48 hours and then pursue the matter on our own without involving you as a customer. If you apply for repayment through Orimlig Hyra you receive on average 20% more money back than if you were to pursue the matter on your own. Regardless of whether Orimlig Hyra "wins" in the Regional Rent and Tenancies Tribunal or not, you as a customer keep your repayment.

Do you have any questions?

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