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We are Orimlig Hyra

Orimlig Hyra is a Swedish company helping subtenants retrieve money back for their excess rent.

Our team consists of a group of competent lawyers passionate about helping tenants who have been subjected to excess rents.

We are working towards a better housing situation in big cities with fair rents and where tenants are not decieved.

The idea was born when I took a Housing and Property Law course at law school. I had already begun taking an interest in the housing market and identified the problematic development. During the course, I learned that there was a potent tool against excess rents.

By law, it is not permitted to charge unreasonably high rents, and these can be reclaimed. Great, I thought, as I at the same time realized the problem of having to litigate before the court, argue with the landlord and wait for up to two years for payment. Later, I would experience a delayed flight – a delay that, through a web-based company led to me being informed of my right to repayment and was offered help – and I did not have to lift a finger.

I immediately realized that the model used by the company would be perfect for also recovering excess rents. This led to the founding of Orimlig Hyra.

— Alban Dautaj, Co-founder of Orimlig Hyra

The team

Alban Dautaj

Alban Dautaj
CEO & Managing Partner

Rawaz Rashid

Rawaz Rashid


Felicia Grönlund

sanne ringdal

Sanne Ringdal

Ava setayesh

Ava Setayesh

rreze_ny (3)

Rreze Dautaj
Head of Communication

dag_porträtt_hemsida (3)

Dag Eriksson Alvarez


Welat Kavak
Head of Strategy and Operations